About Mazza


  • UKCC2 QUALIFIED CRICKET COACH- with 8 years professional experience
  • PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE at more than 20 cricket clubs and organizations
  • HEAD COACH at Ernest Bevin 6th Form Cricket Academy (Tooting, South London)
  • HEAD COACH at Twenty20 State School Cricket Academy (New Malden, Surrey)
  • HEAD COACH at Ewell CC
  • HEAD COACH of Epsom & Ewell and Kingston Borough Girls cricket teams
  • COACHING EXPERIENCE IN 10 COUNTRIES- including Warsaw Hussars CC, Swiss Juniors and Berlin CC
  • 16 years experience of playing club cricket, for Epsom CC!



Since i can remember, cricket has been a part of my life. From back garden matches with anybody who would throw a ball at me, through to colts and club cricket, the game has taken up more of my time and thoughts than anything else!

The childhood dream was to emulate Jonty Rhodes in the field, Darren Gough with ball in hand, or Marcus Trescothick’s batting. Alas, while playing to a high club standard, I wasn’t in danger of touching these heights (with the exception of a wonder catch or two each season)! With the career plateauing, and it becoming clear that my shock selection for the England Test squad  wasn’t round the corner, the search for other ways to influence cricket in a positive way began.

A life in coaching

Coaching was something i found myself doing informally from a young age….beginning purely as a way of keeping friends around the net, to satisfy my hunger for cricket! In 2010, coaching started to get more serious, volunteering for clubs and summer camps, before the big moment….qualifying as a level 2 coach. From that moment, coaching was more of a lifestyle than a hobby. The roles became greater, more challenging and more diverse. Every day presented something different!

Playing and coaching cricket has given me so much – more confidence in my daily life, many great friends around the world, and a career that makes me happy to get out of bed every morning. I spend my days trying to give others the same fulfillment and confidence through cricket.

twenty20 uk logoCoaching for the community

I spend my time supporting schools, clubs, local boroughs, deaf cricket projects and emerging international clubs….a huge range of jobs throughhout the calendar year.

5 years with Twenty20 Community Cricket has taken me across the length and breadth of Europe, working with established clubs and brand new clubs, cricketers old and young, novices and lifelong fans. How many coaches can claim to have practiced their profession in 10 different countries?!

One of our ambitions if to give access to cricket for everyone who wants to play. I am proud that we assist children and adults who want improve their cricket, whatever background they come from.

Best job in the world!

The most rewarding quality of coaching…….seeing projects that you helped to set up flourish. Years of effort and belief, along with the dedication of several volunteers, all become worth while. Seeing children – whom you first introduced to hitting a ball with a bat – emerge out of childhood as mature cricketers (sometimes teammates who eclipse your skills), is a rewarding feeling!

Contact rob@twenty20communitycricket.com for information on 1-to-1s

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